Combat Prototype 0.2.0 - Damage & Health

Hello there

This week's devlog is 1 day delayed due to me being sick, in any case I managed to make a small improvement in the Combat Prototype by adding automatic spawns for dummy enemies and adding the Health & Damage features, being able to make them die when Health reaches 0.

No UI by that time. But since I am making everything very self contained, mainly using signals to communicate between nodes, it is very likely to be easy to perform this task.

Nonetheless, I think I will manage to delegate the whole Hitbox activation logic using an AnimationPlayer, this will allow for more specific attacks with more specific durations. With the current logic this is already viable, so it will be just a matter of adding the AnimationPlayer between the CombatActionBus and the HitBox logic, making it decide which animation should be played, and that Animation will enable/disable the HitBox shape accordingly.

This can even be done by making the AnimationPlayer a child of the HitBox and instead of activating the shape by itself, the HitBox delegates that to the AnimationPlayer. This is something I will work next week, but for this week, that's it. Thanks for reading, keep developing and until the next time!


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Version 0.2.0 Jun 22, 2019

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