Improved Cleaver Throw & Vegetables Melee Attack

One of the things that we do when we are on the rush to provide a playable prototype is that we often don’t think upfront. The consequences of that is that we very often need to redo some work.

This happened to me when I was prototyping Buccerino’s cleaver throw. I’ve made an animation that basically animates the cleaver going to a given point and coming back, and another animation that played together with it that would animate the HitBox as well, yes in Kitchen Tales the HitBox is actually an entity separated from the Character graphics, i.e. the Sprite and the HitBox are not part of the same hierarchy.

Due to that bad design, there were some few issues:

  • if you throw the cleaver and jump, the cleaver sprite and hitbox would have their trajectory affected directly
  • due to being an animation, different charging times wouldn’t directly affect the outcome, fact being you would only throw the cleaver if you fully charged the attack

Now with the new system the cleaver becomes a projectile, apart from the player’s object itself. This provides a lot of advantages including fixes for the above mentioned problems. The game play improved a lot due to that, especially because now you can throw the cleaver at any point of the charge and it will reward you proportionately to the time invested charging, limited to the maximum charge time of course.

Cleaver Throw Comparison

Another nice improvement in this version is that now both the Carrot and the Onion have melee attacks, which will add a layer of difficulty, especially to the onion fights. They are not meant to be hard tho, Kitchen Tales ideally is fast-paced and enemies should only be minor obstacles to unfold the game’s design and narrative.

Onion Melee Attack Carrot and Onion Melee Attack

Also, on top of that, there is a Mac version for Mac players, since I don’t have a Mac myself I can’t test or debug it, so…I really hope everything goes well on your end, because I won’t be able to fix Max specific bugs without your help :P

That’s it for this update, I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to follow me on twitter for more updates on Kitchen Tales. Also, consider supporting Kitchen Tales development by becoming my patron on Patreon, this will allow this public domain game to come to reality.

Thank you so much for following the project, keep developing and until the next time!


Kitchen Tales - Demo [Source] 11 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jan 10, 2020
Kitchen Tales - Demo [Linux] 21 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jan 10, 2020
Kitchen Tales - Demo [Windows] 20 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jan 10, 2020
Kitchen Tales - Demo [Mac] 21 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jan 10, 2020

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