Playable Demo! Sneak Peek the Blackspoon Arena

After three months iterating on Kitchen Tales, it finally got to a playable stage with basic functionalities and some cool challenges.

Kitchen Tales is one of those projects where we have to test every step to see if we are going in the right direction, collecting feedback and improving on each iteration. The game moved very quickly from a bunch of colored squares to "ohh this is a pig and those are vegetables and they are fighting".

The goal with all this was to test the current code base and see how all the systems would integrate and interact, but I had a milestone to deliver: December's 6th, when BRING #17, the seventeenth iteration of the biggest independent game development event of my region.

With that in mind I had to rush a playable, entertaining and simple demo of the game. As you may know, Kitchen Tales is a game about a Chef learning the biggest cuisines of  world, getting cooking utensils that he can use to overcome challenges. The current iteration presents the main weapon of Buccerino, the protagonist, and 3 enemies to defeat in the Blackspoon Arena.

So, now is time for everyone on the internet to give it a try, and I'm humbly waiting all the feedback you can give! I will really appreciate feedback related to:

  • Controls
  • Movement
  • Physics
  • Combat
  • Animations
  • Game Feel

You can get the demo in the project's land page here on

Also, any QA related report is very appreciated: bugs, glitches, flickering...lemme know all that. If you are familiar with GitHub, you can report those issues at Kitchen Tales' official issue tracker, but if you prefer you can also comment here on

Don't forget that Kitchen Tales is an opensource game, and I will appreciate any contributions to the official repository as well:!

Thank you so much in advance!

- Pigdev


Kitchen Tales - Demo [Source] 11 MB
Version 1.0.0 Dec 11, 2019
Kitchen Tales - Demo [Windows] 20 MB
Version 1.0.0 Dec 10, 2019
Kitchen Tales - Demo [Linux] 21 MB
Version 1.0.0 Dec 10, 2019

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Any chance to see a MacOS build?

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I’ll make an update soon and will provide a MacOS build, let’s see how this goes :D

In the mean time you can test it using the source provided, for that download the latest version of Godot Engine

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I tried the Linux version. You probably already aware most of this, but you asked for ALL the feeedback. So here it is:

The first thing I noticed, that you have your clickable links in the splashscreen, but it goes away quickly and there is no option to see it again, so the average user might miss it entirely.

Second, the menu. It feels a bit awkward, because some of the buttons are clickable, while the others can only be manipulated by the keyboard.

Ok, lets play. I clicked on Play and there was a very nice graphic about the gamepad layout. Too bad, I'm using a keyboard here. I was hoping for a keyboard layout next, but instead the game just started. It took me a while to figure out the controls. I didn't even find them on your page. I pressed, like, all the keys to find out that "Z" is for attack. Not very common, I must say. But there is a bigger problem. In Europe we have QWERTZ keyboards where the letters "Z" and "Y" are changed places. Now, when you try to use in this layout the "Z" for attack, you will see that it's very uncomfortable. I recommend to use "F" or maybe "Enter/Return" instead.

The graphics are nice, the usual Pigdev quality, I must say. :D
The controls feel responsive, the combo system is very good. The music is also nice, but the sound effects are a bit weird for me, it's like, I'm controlling a mouse, not a pig... :D

The enemies are unique, I really need to use all my moves, if I don't want to end up as their lunch. But the difficulty curve is a bit steep, I think. In the first 2 waves the carrot and the tomato couldn't even hurt me, and in the 3rd wave the onion almost immediately killed me. Later I found out how to deal with it, tho... :D

It would be nice to have a visible combo system (something like here, in DmC ), and a Highscore list, including which wave was the last, would be also nice.

But all in all, it's a good start. Keep up the good work! :)