Dashing Playground!

Hey there!

This is a small update. I made a quick, simple level design to test the dash, and air-dash. I also added a Falling Platform that activates once the player touches it.

Feedback wanted!

With that I'd like to ask your feedback on some topics:

  • Is the dashing snappy? It responds well to the input?
  • Did you find any area in particular that was hard to accomplish? How can it improve?
  • Is the Air Dash total length (jump arc + dash distance) rewarding?

Don't forget that this is an Open Source project, you can check this week's Pull Request, ask implementation questions, suggest code improvements, peer review the code, etc... And of course, download it and use on your games as well!

This project is being sponsored by my beloved patrons! You can support Kitchen Tales and the development of Free assets becoming one of them, by doing you you will get exclusive perks and rewards, check it out!


Physics Prototype 27 kB
Version v0.1.3 Jun 01, 2019

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