Moving Platforms and the Jump Playground Level

Hello there!

This week I fixed some minor bugs on the movement and made some moving platforms to test if this implementation would have any constraints regarding this kind of platform.

It turns out to be perfect! Now we have reliable reusable moving platforms, and notice that the Platform Actor is snapping even on platforms with circular movement perfectly!

With these assets I decided to make a small level designed to test the jump implementation and see how it can be improved.

So, please download this iteration of the Physics Prototype to test this Jump Playground and tell me what you think.

Feedback wanted!

After you play this small level, please consider giving me some feedback regarding the following questions:

  • How would you describe the hopping? (when you release the jump before its maximum height)
  • Regarding the jump arc created when you move horizontally while jumping, does it feel good? How can it be improved?
  • The proportion of the jump height, the character and the obstacles, feel right?

I'm super interested hearing what you think about it.

Use it without caution!

What about using this implementation in your next games? Let me know if it helps you make a cool platforming game and how it can be improved. Remember, this is an UNLICENSED code, don't need to credit and stuff, although would be nice if you do, but the most awesome thing will be to see what you can do with it!

This game is being sponsored by my beloved patrons! And all these Free assets are only possible due to that sponsorship, consider becoming one of my beloved supporters, check out the exclusive perks and rewards, I am sure you will get interested!


Physics Prototype 27 kB
Version v0.1.2 May 24, 2019

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