Improved Physics and Fixed Bugs

Hello there!

Thanks to all the feedback from the previous devlog, I managed to fix the game's feel, but that is not everything I did this week, so here goes a small sight of the improvement in the form of a changelog:

  • Fix typo and add ability to enable or disable air-dash
  • Update dash to prevent vertical movement when dashing
  • Update gravity and jump strength
  • Add signals to communicate deplete and replenish of available jumps
  • Add ability to perform infinite jumps on Jump by setting max jumps to -1
  • Fix Dash and Air-Dash not finishing when colliding with walls
  • Add ability to enable or disable PlatformPhysics using a config bool
  • Add ability to pass Vectors to Walk movement_direction, allowing directional dash
  • and other minor improvements

With that the game feels a lot better, I also added a horizontal moving platform, and it is working wonderfully, Godot move_and_slide_with_snap method is really powerful.

There are some know bugs, tho. One of them is that you can, currently, dash multiple times in the air if you manage to cancel the dash before its maximum distance. I will work on that next week. But I most say, the dash is feeling great, very snappy and quick.

Most of these improvements are also thanks to my friends from @notapixel that helped tremendously with their review on this week's Pull Request.

More Feedback Wanted

For the upcoming week I'd like to know what kind of interesting level design challenges you think might be helpful to test the current iteration of the basic movement.

  • Dash tests?
  • Jump tests?
  • Double jump tests?
  • Air dash tests?

Currently it is time to make this basic movement more polished and for that it has to suffer some stress tests, so feed me with some good references so I can come up with a good Playground Level and see how the basic movement behaves!

But for now, that's it. Keep developing and until the next time!


Physics Prototype 27 kB
Version v0.1.1 May 17, 2019

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Happy to test the next increment :-) The movement is more challenging and fun, still few comments: 1) while falling it is possible to jump twice - normally no jump or one, 2) it is possible to dash from Ground to Platform without jumping, which may be desired, but it seems not natural, 3) dash could be limited to a number of dashes or duration so user must replenish the dash skill, for example after a period of time, 4) player moves behind MovingPlatforms, but in front of the static Platform, 5) still, I am not a fan of dash from standing. For inspiration you could have a look at some old&good games like Pitfall: :-)