First Iteration of Physics

Hello there!

I just pushed the Physics Prototype v0.1.0, you can download it already and open it with Godot Engine 3.1.x. The prototype aims to setup the basic movement: walk, jump and dash.

Feedback Wanted!

With that I want to get some feedback from you, which you can leave as a comment in this post. The major questions I have by now are:

  • Is the gravity acceleration good? Too weak? Too strong?
  • The proportion of the dash speed and the walk speed feels good? Should the dash be faster?
  • The length of the dash is good? Should it be longer?
  • What about the dash-jump relation? Should the character be able to jump in the air?

Besides that I would really appreciate if you could record and comment your first play session, so I can check if any mechanic isn't clear and how to improve its learning.

That's it for this week, keep developing and until the next time!


Physics Prototype 27 kB
Version v0.1.0 May 10, 2019

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Just on the gameplay. The game mechanics feels ok, the gravity is maybe bit too weak. However, the dash direction is strange: I expect the dash to act on the vector of the player movement, not just the latest left/right directions. Dash makes sense on the ground while player is moving, so left/right, not standing. Dash while jumping feels weird, and if available, it should accelerate vector of the jump velocity. Anyway, dash while jumping does not have anything to do with running, is more about flying :-) Jumping while in dash makes sense, but I would expect the dash to make the jump 'bigger', not just faster along one direction.

the gravity is maybe bit too weak

Yep, totally agree, I will try to figure out a more snapper strength.

the dash direction is strange

Hmm, I designed it to mimic Megaman X's dash, there you can dash when idle. So you don't need to pass through walk first, allowing fore more precision in dashes.

E.g. if you want to make a dash on the edge of a cliff, with spikes on the head, and a spike pit, passing through the walk state can be dangerous.

it should accelerate vector of the jump velocity

Yeah! I am trying to add this, to mimic achieve the same behaviour as in Megaman X as well.

But currently it doesn't modify the vertical vector's velocity, only the horizontal.

I will try to polish it a bit, as you can see it is way too strong in air!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will try to digest it and see how to fix these issues!


I like how this framework is shaping up. I did notice that I can dash while in a jump mid-air. Maybe that could be optional? Also, your ActionBus is interesting, where did you learn that from? Thanks for making this.

I did notice that I can dash while in a jump mid-air. Maybe that could be optional?

Yeah I also think the same, I will definitely add a config bool to allow to configure that. It can also be a good approach to prevent dashing if the character depleted its jumps, i.e., he can only dash if he jumped once, if he double jumped = no dashes. Thanks for the feedback, it solved 2 issues at once xD

Regarding the ActionBus is a design pattern I've been wrapping my head around for some time, it is not optimal yet, I think I will add a middle-man, i.e. a manager, to manage the signals and actions through code, so it is more visible and easier to track down related bugs. I'm glad you liked, tho! Don't hesitate to test it to exhaustion.