Project Started!

Kitchen Tales is an old project I've been looking forward to do, but never had the guts to start working on it. I've been always afraid to start it because I think it is one of those "very important so I must not fail" projects, so I've been preparing myself to mitigate all the risks this problem may have.

But after 2 years on my plans, I just realized that there is no such thing...I shouldn't have spent so much time preparing myself, this is like premature optimization. I will only know the risks and the problems this project has when I face then. So I decided to start making it and go for an Agile (?) approach: I will start with nothing and build things together with everyone out there, getting feedback and adjusting the game as needed.

To do that I decided to build lots and lots of prototypes, publish them here on all here on the game's page so people can see the progress and point where it can be improved.

The idea is to separate each minor system of the game into individual prototypes that together will build up the whole game, improving each one of them independently. This will help isolate bugs, design flaws, etc... while also building up a rich game pages with a lot of content. This will also help get feedback of the right kind from the right people, e.g. when I make the storytelling prototype, I can go to storytellers and point to the prototype itself and ask for their feedback with a lot more precision.

This will also allow for a more specific way to ask for funding, as I can isolate what needs improvements, and use the funding to improve that specific aspect of the game.

I hope this goes well. As you can see there is nothing here YET, but soon I will start this whole process.

I highly recommend that you follow the project using the's app so whenever there are new content and updates you get them automatically when starting the app.

If you want to support the project, I highly recommend you to become my patron, as patrons will get early access, exclusive content, e.g. behind the scenes and tutorials.

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That said, thanks a lot. Keep developing and until the next time!

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I'm very excited for this!


Me too! But I gotta take it easy :P