Thank you <3

First of all I'd like to thank you everyone for the feedback, it's being a pleasure to follow your suggestions and create new design solutions for some problems. You're making all the effort worthy. A special thanks to the Godot Community which is being very helpful in code review!


  • Changed the main interaction with Shooting Stars and Comets to be a slide event
  • Added a glowing effect to induce an interaction from the player's side with the flying objects
  • Fixed Starmouse not stopping the movement when touch/mouse is released
  • Starmouse speed increased from 600 to 800
  • Added textual feedback for interaction
    • A slide alert for flying objects
    • A Centered warning for Gravitational battle
  • Changed the first spawn of the objects to increase the learning curve and reinforce the game mechanics
    • The comet will go directly to the player's character to force the player to jump
    • The jump won't avoid the comet, since it is shining and glowing it may induce an interaction with it, teaching the player how to slide it
    • The second comet will go straight to the Moon from the left side, creating a crater and spawning cheeses, forcing the player to use the recent learned jump mechanic to catch the cheeses and avoid the crater
    • The first shooting star will move straight to the player's character and is also unavoidable in such a way the player will collide with it and star the Starmouse powerup
    • Within the Starmouse effect the cheeses left from the comets collisions with the Moon may attract the player to interact with them, showing how the Starmouse powerup works
  • Fixed Planet behavior and removed the Progressbar showing the time left for the Gravitational Battle event to finish, now a simple warning telling what to do is displayed on the screen
  • Changed how the Supernova and GravitatyMaster achievements work, also changed the title of GravityMaster from "Theory of Relativity" to "Smash that rat", just for meme purposes.
  • Other small fixes and cleanups


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Aug 24, 2017
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Aug 24, 2017
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Aug 24, 2017

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