Core mechanics: Done

Which mechanics?

Well my friend, finally Moon Cheeser core mechanics are implemented. Since the game is now action based, instead of idling for stuff to happen there are many stuff to do within the game while maintaining the core jump and obstacle avoidance mechanics.

Gravity Battles

A Gravity Battle happens once a while when the Moon aligns itself with a Planet's gravity field it will then try to pull the Astromouse towards it, by tapping the Moon you can pull him towards it, preventing him from being caught by the strong Planet's gravity or dying by fallen into the void.

This will only happen at a pretty sparse period of time, randomly. When in a  gravity battle none of the other astronomic bodies will appear, and the ones already in the scene will be pulled towards the Planet. This will also make the Moon instantaneously take rid of its craters

Cheese Spawn

Different from the previous version where the cheeses  and craters were randomly spawned from time to time, you now have the control to spawn'em. By  changing the route of a meteor or a  shooting star and making them collide with the Moon, you will create a  crater at the collision point, in addition to the crater some pieces of the  Cheese Moon will explode from its surface and will be thrown onto its orbit.

As you can see not every cheese will within the range of a jump, and for that I designed a small power up.

The Starmouse

As mentioned before this version of Moon Cheeser has a new astronomical body called  Shooting Star, in addition to create craters when colliding with the Moon, it will also enable a new behavior for Astromouse for a limited time.

While under the effect of the  Shooting Star the Astromouse will become a mother f*cking  Starmouse (♫a aa a aaaa♪), therefore it will be able to fly freely following the mouse inputs. This is especially good to pick cheeses far from the Moon's surface, but can be also be used to manage to avoid craters when there are too many of them.

Route management

While there will be many more events compared to the past version, you the player will be able to interfere in the way they behave. You can now change the route of the comets and also the shooting stars. In the current implementation of this mechanic you just need to tap on the respective object and depending on the angle your tap makes with its route it will change it respectivelly. But there are plans to change it to a swipe interaction.

What's next?

Well, the next step is to start the most important stage of development:  polishment. That's when we will try to focus on the aesthetics, responsiveness, optimizations, and precisely behaviors. Just for instance that includes, among other things:

  • Make the Astromouse always be turned with a tangent with the Moon, so he will always seem to be walking on its surface
  • When the route of the astronomic bodies change they will point towards that direction to give a better feedback of where they will actually collide
  • Apply a smooth turning rate to the route changing mechanic.
  • Fix a flicking behavior of the Starmouse when it is idling.
  • Many more...

Well, that's my weekly report guys, I hope you enjoyed. That's it, keep developing and until the next time.

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