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This month I started to rework Moon Cheeser in order to make it more fun and enjoyable. There are a bunch of new features and mechanics, and the original game became more like a prototype.

The first iteration of Moon Cheeser was basically an idle game where you just wait until there are craters to jump or cheeses to catch. Also, since it was my first game ever, it had a bunch of glitches and lose-lose situations (i.e. comet + crater). So I decided to shut the original game down and start to rework it applying my new techniques   I redesigned every mechanic, inputs, lose conditions and such and I'm working with a friend to start implementing them, it will be basically a totally different game,  but with the same purpose.

Just to give you guys an idea of what's coming:

  • Now every object, but the background, has a purpose to be and the player will be able to interact with them.
  • A new object will be added, the  Shooting Star, which will help Astromouse in his chase.
  • When interacting with the objects the player will trigger events based on the current game state.
    • When tapping the moon and the character is on its surface, the astromouse will jump.
    • When a shooting star enters the screen the player can drag it through the astromouse, so he will ride it. After that, the player can drag the star with the finger on the screen in order to collect the cheeses, if the finger is released from the screen the star will drop astromouse wherever it is at the moment.
      • The player has to bring astromouse back to the moon surface, otherwise, it will fall into the void and is game over
    • When the comet enters the screen, the player can drag it to the moon, it will then crash and create a crater and some cheeses.
      • The crater will stay on the moon's surface for a while if astromouse collides with it, is game over.
    • When astromouse is not on the moon surface, tapping it will exert a gravitational force (if astromouse is on the gravity field of the moon) bringing him back to its surface.
      • This is mainly used when a planet appears, it will try to take astromouse out of the moon surface, then a gravity battle will begin between the planet gravity and the moon’s. If the astromouse collides with the planet or get out of the moon gravitational field is game over, if the planet vanishes and the astromouse isn’t on the moon’s surface is game over too.

Besides we are adding new achievements and new skins to be unlocked. Also, we are researching online and local high scores tables to add some competitivity to the game!

Starting on July 3rd we will start to develop the new awesome features and completely rework and redesign the game. You will be able to follow some development sessions whenever I'm streaming and also a small devlog video at my youtube channel,  links below!

Live streaming at twitch and mixer too .
Devlogs here on and some making of and behind the scenes at my youtube channel .

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