Weekly Update #3 - Moving around the game world with Portal2Ds

Hey! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿท

In this week's update, I want to introduce you to one of the coolest recipes in this ebook! The Portal2D recipe.

You can read it already in the Platformer Essentials Cookbook - Early Access v0.4.0(attached in this devlog).

The Portal2D recipe is essentially a specialized InteractiveArea2D that once players interact with it, the Portal2D teleport them to a pre-defined area in the game world.

With this in our tool belts, we can integrate areas previously isolated. It's powerful enough to create an interactive level selection menu, like in Cuphead:

It also allows to make in-level areas integration. Awesome for procedurally generated levels like in Flinthook.

But also, simple level or area transitions in the game world itself, such as in Hollow Knight.

Coming this week

This week I'll be proofreading the Checkpoint2D recipe. It's used to allow players to maintain some progress in a level exploration even if they fail a given test that ends up killing them. So instead of going back to the start of a level, they get back to a given point in space closer to where the level tested them.

Wrapping up

With that, we are only TWO chapters away from finishing proofreading.

ProofreadYet to proofread
โœ” BasicMovingCharacter2Dโœ– Checkpoint2D
โœ” PassThroughCharacter2Dโœ– Switch2D
โœ” MovingPlatform2D
โœ” PathFollowPlatform2D
โœ” Hazard2D
โœ” BumpingEnemy2D
โœ” Stomping/StompableObject2D
โœ” PathFollowEnemy2D
โœ” InteractiveArea2D
โœ” Portal2D

That's it,

Keep developing, and until the next time!~


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