Weekly Update #4 - Maintaining progress with Checkpoint2D

Hey! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿท

In this week's update, I want to introduce you to one of the Checkpoint2D recipe.

You can read it already in the Platformer Essentials Cookbook - Early Access v0.5.0(attached in this devlog).

The Checkpoint2D recipe is essentially a set of InteractiveArea2Ds that stores players' progress through a level, allowing them to manage a lower cognitive load as they can focus on learning a level's challenge one step at a time knowing they won't lose previous progress.

With this in our tool belts, we can create challenging sections in our level that tests players to their edge, like in Mighty No.9 when players have to deal with all sorts of Hazards trying to kill them at the same time.

Right before challenging players, we can be kind and save their previous progress in the level using a Checkpoint.

Another good use case is, of course, before a boss fight! In Mighty No.9 players always go back to the boss pit's entrance:

So if the boss kills them, the game respawns them to the beginning of the fight so they can try it again learning from their latest mistakes.

Coming next week

Next week I'll be proofreading the Switch2D recipe. We can use Switch2Ds to remotely activate other objects. It's like...a mediator pattern, where it uses duck typing to call a method in an instance of a pre-defined(or defined in run time) object. It's really cool and helps us to create puzzles and other nice interactions in our game world.

Wrapping up

With that, there's only ONE chapter away from finishing proofreading.

The next step is to move on to the Custom Recipes!

ProofreadYet to proofread
โœ” BasicMovingCharacter2D โœ– Switch2D
โœ” PassThroughCharacter2D
โœ” MovingPlatform2D
โœ” PathFollowPlatform2D
โœ” Hazard2D
โœ” BumpingEnemy2D
โœ” Stomping/StompableObject2D
โœ” PathFollowEnemy2D
โœ” InteractiveArea2D
โœ” Portal2D
โœ”  Checkpoint2D

That's it,

Keep developing, and until the next time!~


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