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Create your games with professional-quality, one step at a time! 👨‍🍳

Welcome to the second volume of my Godot Recipes series. This one presents you with 10+ recipes to create a solid code base for platformer games.

With a gamified approach, this ebook engages you in making practical use of every recipe. You'll understand where you are in your learning process, and which skills you are developing.

The step-by-step approach helps you learn quickly and efficiently. You'll understand how to set up and create each design pattern with a recipe-like structure.

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pst, the Stomping Enemy 2D secret recipe is included, but don't tell anyone about that

On top of the PDF file, there's also a free sample of the Godot Project files with the concrete implementation and an example scene where the recipe is put into a game level. 

Godot Essential Recipes series

This is part of a series of cookbook design pattern-like ebooks I'm writing.

The Top 7 Godot Recipes, the first one in this series, has a perfect ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating with 15+ reviews.

The Platform Essential Recipes improves the teaching approach, focusing on your learning process by adding gamification elements to your reading experience.

 Acquiring this ebook will give you discounts on the next and previous releases!


The book comes with 10 core recipes and 2 advanced secret recipes.

Each recipe is a tutorial with practical knowledge that you can apply to your projects.

The recipes 📃

Learn essential concepts such as physics simulation, saving and loading data, scene transition, collision detection and handling,  world interaction, and more+

All that by following step-by-step tutorials where you learn how to set up and implement each of these patterns.

Each recipe answers what is the pattern that inspired the recipe, where you can find concrete use cases and apply the recipe, the pros and cons of using the pattern, how to make it, and why it works from a design and engineering perspectives.

Project Files 📦

Buying the ebook will also give you access to the Godot project with the concrete implementation of each recipe and sample scenes to give you a context on how to use them in your game.

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Pre-order Now$7.99 USD or more

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Version 1.0.0

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I bought your Top 7 Godot recipe and it was great. Im confused though about the Essential Godot bundle, If you buy the bundle is it means you get all future recipe?  or just the 2 first recipes ?

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Hey there! Thanks a lot for your support 🐷💜

Buying one of the Godot Essentials Recipes ebooks gives you free access to the BUNDLE.

The Bundle, which will be a single ebook, will be a standalone product. So buying one ebook will give you access to it once I publish it.

Each ebook until then is a standalone product as well. This way, people can buy just the one that actually interests them for a lower price, as the bundle will be a bit expensive.

Nonetheless, you get a 25% permanent discount on all future releases of the Godot Essential Recipes until the Bundle comes out.

So, you sir(or miss) can access this very Platformer Essentials ebook with 25% permanent discount. Reach me out on Discord or Twitter so I can give you the coupon link 🎉

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Thanks for a clear explanation, looking forward for the complete bundle, CHeers!