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Making games can be easy as cooking!

This ebook will help you with standards solutions for common problems in Godot projects.

But why an ebook and not...a series of video tutorials? Well...

As the Godot community grows so does the number of tutorials and educational content, especially in video format.

Videos aren't ideal for programming

Video tutorials are good for art and crafty topics. But for programming...not so much. For instance:

  • You can't CTRL + F on videos to search for what you want.
  • You can't CTRL + C, CTRL + V code snippets.
  • You are limited by the video's playback speed
  • Video tutorial tutors are wordy(me included)

A Design Patterns-like cookbook

I designed this ebook to resemble a cooking recipe. It's inspired by Packt's cookbooks.

The Top 7 Godot Recipes presents seven solutions for common problems we usually face in our Godot game projects:

  1. How to create and position objects and entities in the game world.
  2. How to sequence game events without ad hoc and spaghetti code.
  3. How to make smooth transitions between game screens and scenes.
  4. How to properly pause a Godot game so players can take rests between play sessions.
  5. How to play background music without breaking immersion when transitioning scenes.
  6. How to implement a scalable local multiplayer solution
  7. How to convey weight and impact to objects and events in your games

Based on the Dive into Design Patterns ebook, I structured the so they answer:

  • What they are and what they solve
  • How to implement them with step-by-step instructions and the code snippet available to copy and paste
  • When to use the recipe with concrete use cases based on projects I've worked on
  • Pros and cons of each recipe so you can decide if they are fit your project

Source code for each recipe

Acquiring the book here on itch or ko-fi will also provide you with a Godot project containing all the recipes ready to use in a standalone format.

The upcoming bundle

The idea with these ebooks is to grow an encyclopedia of gamedev recipes. I have at least eight ebooks planned on my backlog that together will become an awesome cookbook bundle. The list includes:

  • User Interface Recipes
  • Shaders Recipes
  • Visual Effect Recipes
  • Platformer Mechanics Recipes
  • Platformer Enemies Recipes
  • And more +

By acquiring this ebook now, you will guarantee access to this bundle for the price of just 1 book.

The customer role

If you are willing to acquire this ebook I believe you are serious about being an indie game developer. So you deserve the best content and all the support necessary to achieve your goals.

In that sense, this ebook is also a ticket to enter my Discord server as a customer so we can work together on your journey. Together with patronscustomers are the most important members of my community.

The customer role is a top priority exclusive role with many benefits. Including:

  • Access to exclusive customer channel
  • Polls for upcoming updates in released products
  • Personal support to help you achieve your goals
  • Discuss future projects and updates
  • Exclusive memes

Who am I?

Hello! Name's Henrique Campos a.k.a Pigdev. I'm a Brazilian solo indie game developer and enthusiast of open source technologies.

I was part of the GDQuest team since 2018. GDQuest is the top Godot Engine educational company with over 170K subscribers and 500+ tutorials on YouTube.

Together we've worked on several Godot projects ranging from a Zelda-like RPG to demos showcasing the Node Essential features you should know.

I've also worked on several personal projects such as the Godot Sandbox, a bundle of ready-to-use assets with over 2.2k downloads and a perfect 5 stars rating.

Everything I make is released under public domain. You can check out my projects, including games, plugins, and tools, on GitHub.

That's it, I hope you enjoy your ebook. Keep developing and until the next one!

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Hi Pigdev,

I'm a professional translator of English into Spanish and Portuguese. These are three of the 10 most spoken languages in the entire world.

What you think about translate some of your content into other languages to expand your audience? I'm talking about this PDF, just to start.

After this, if you like the results, I can handle the translation of your games since I'm also have a good knowledge of software development. The perfect match for the task :)

Don't worry about the budget, I'm willing to negotiating until we reach a comfortable point for you and for me. :)

You can check my portfolio here.

How does it sounds?

Hey there! Sounds awesome.

Can you reach out to me on twitter with a price proposal? My twitter handle is @pigdev

I'm sorry, I have no twitter account.

I'm emailing you.

Hey man, 

What's up!

I sent you an email a couple days ago. 

Check your spam box. ;)

Are you planning to update this for 4.X?


Yes! But is not a priority at the moment.

As soon as I make my course, which will use most of these recipes, they will be up to date, at least code-wise.

Regarding the book content itself, it may take more time.

The course project will start next month and will be available here on itch, so stay tuned!

Is this for Godot 4 or Godot 3.5?

3.5! The Platformer Essentials Cookbook is up to date with Godot 4, tho

This is great. Please keep them coming!


great ebook. For future can you please bring Platform Player & Enemy recipes

(1 edit) (+1)

Heheh, the upcoming ebook is 10 Essential Platformer Recipes, which includes player movement, and basic enemies(goomba like).

There's one planned for a further future about 10 Essential Enemies Recipes based on Scott Rogers' Level Up book. Just hold on!

Thanks <3. The only reason I request these since I'm also subscribed to gdquest, and was wondering how different will this be from VFX and 2D secretes pack ?


ohh, this is a complete different product 😅

Besides I helped Nathan with those courses you've mentioned, they are mainly curated and designed by Nathan himself.

These ebooks are my first actual entrepreneur endeavor, so expect them to have some different directions and more of my own flavor on them.

Thanks. Already purchased this now, waiting for next one. And I wish you all the very best for your entrepreneurship :)


A great little ebook, for someone who is relatively new to Godot this was perfect for me. It helped me with writing more generic, reusable code. Standout for me was the EventPlayer, showing how the AnimationPlayer can be used in such a powerful way, this was like a lightbulb moment for me. Highly recommend.

Hey! Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm really glad you liked it. Proud it helped you, that EventPlayer one is REALLY cool. Especially when you have most of your game systems set, then you just orchestrate them.



just kidding

the i learned from this book and i thought it deserved a comment

Thanks! I guess 😅

(1 edit)

Is there any other payment method besides paypal available (credit card for example)?

 Hey there!  If you are  Brazilian I also accept Pix.  PayPal has an option to setup credit cards, tho!

Just to be sure. If I buy this bundle now, I’ll have access to all future bundles listed above right?

Thank you!


You will have access to THE bundle once it releases. It's a single bundle with ebooks from this series, including the ones above.

The bundle is planned to happen as soon as I have the eight cookbooks published.

Until then, each ebook is a standalone product that gives access to the bundle once it releases.

Nonetheless,  new ebook releases are likely to have discounts for previous customers!


As always, this material is first class! 

I highly recommend this as a reference. The material here can be easily added to your existing projects.

Beautiful explanations of the methodology will help you become a better coder.


Thanks! Really glad you liked it! 🐷❤️


These are good, no-nonsense, practical patterns that can be useful in almost any game. There’s also good illustration on how they work, and why/when someone would want to use them. Kudos! This is good work.


Totally agree!


Ohh what a surprise! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate the feedback! ❤️