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Prototyping easier than ever

Hello there!

I spent some weeks trying to find a way to boost the process of prototyping, so I decided to cut a bit the time spent importing and implementing assets in Godot Engine.

So I picked up some assets and implemented them, making a lot of Resources files that made the process of prototyping very easy, almost just a drag 'n' drop process.


  • 363+ AudioSampleRandomPitch Resources, with their respective *.ogg source and AudioStreamPlayers
  • 6 AudioLibraries, a Node in which you can instance in your scenes and randomly play a SFX, or specify which SFX shall be played. See the video above for more information
  • 5 Alien Characters scenes, all with their respective SpriteFrames each with 8 Animations
    • Climb
    • Duck
    • Hurt
    • Idle Front
    • Idle Side
    • Jump
    • Swim
    • Walk
  • 24 Enemies scenes, all with their respective SpriteFrames each with Idle, Move and Die Animations
  • 8 Tilesets ready to use, just drag n drop them to Tilemap nodes
    • Chocolate Candy
    • Strawberry Candy
    • Cave
    • Desert
    • Grass
    • Ice
    • Industrial
    • Mushroom (with 2 types of Mushroom)
    • Also a pack with all of them into a single Tileset.tres!
  • 130+ files to use to create awesomely looking Game User Interface
  • 5 Interface Themes, each with 14 Styleboxes ready to use in case you want to customize them even more. Each theme overrides the default interface look of
    • Panels
    • Labels
    • Buttons
    • CheckButtons
    • CheckBoxes
    • Tabs&TabContainers
    • Horizontal&VerticalSliders
    • Horizontal&VerticalScrollBars
    • And much, much more!
  • 7 EditorScript Tools that may help you implement your game assets as well!
  • And there maybe more stuff, but there is so many stuff that I may forgot about something!


KenneySound&Graphic Assets
PigdevImplementation in Godot


OK you probably don't want to just throw everything here in your next project, so here goes some cool tips to use this awesome bundle.

  • When adding SFX to a scene, add a simple Node, Node2D or Spatial node, drag n drop the sfx_library.gd to it and use the Merge from Scene feature to instance sound effects from one of the default AudioLibraries. See the video above for more details (where I add a footsteps AudioLibrary very easily)
  • If you want to rename many children Nodes, maybe you want change to snake_case or PascalCase, you can use the batch_rename.gd, since Godot doesn't support this feature by default (I guess)
  • Use the FileSystem search to explore what you have available for your project. For instance, let's say you are starting a platform game and want Bees and Ants as enemies for your game, just search and you will find there this bundle has them available
  • Use Show in File Manager (RMB a file on the FileSystem, is the last option in the drop down menu) this way you can easily copy + paste resources into your project. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE DEPENDENCIES

Well, I think that's it, use the Support and the Issue Tracker to get support and report issues <3

By the way you can use the Issue Tracker to suggest more features! That said

Thank you for your support, keep developing and until the next time!

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Made withGIMP, Inkscape, Godot
Tags2D, Colorful, godot-engine, Side Scroller, Sprites, Tilemap, Vector
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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Very nice project, i will try it out!