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Since I've started working with game development I always wondered how it would be to treat it as simple as a cooking recipe. The very Godot Engine's documentation inspired me in that sense.

I'm also a good cook, so reading ebooks from Packt I got inspired into making tutorials in the format of recipes.

It's also not a coincidence that my dream game, Kitchen Tales,  is about cooking as well!

So, this book is my next step in this endeavor: to make game development as easy as cooking.

What to expect from this book?

This is a short and straightforward 50 pages ebook with seven standalone recipes that you can implement to your Godot games.

Each of these recipes solves a common problem that we face when developing games with Godot Engine:

  1. Spawner: How to create and position objects and entities in the game world.
  2. EventPlayer: How to sequence game events without ad hoc and spaghetti code.
  3. SceneTransition: How to make smooth transitions between game screens and scenes.
  4. PauseMenu: How to properly pause a Godot game so players can take rests between play sessions.
  5. BackgroundMusic Singleton: How to play background music without breaking immersion when transitioning scenes.
  6. ActionHandler: How to implement a scalable local multiplayer solution
  7. ShakingCamera: How to convey weight and impact to objects and events in your games

They are structured such that you have all the resources and classes(Nodes) you are going to need to achieve them and step-by-step instructions to assemble everything.

Inspired by the book Dive into Design Patterns, I also added 4 sections to each recipe:

  • What they are, which explains the problem they solve and a description of the recipe
  • How to do them, which is a tutorial section with code snippets so you can copy + paste it directly into your Godot editor
  • When to use then, which I present concrete use cases where I've implemented such recipe in my past projects
  • Why use them, which is a pros/cons list of all the advantages and disadvantages of each recipe so you can decide if it is worth using it

Bonus content

Acquiring this ebook here on will also provide you with a zip file containing a project with all the recipes in a standalone format with all resources needed for each recipe to work. 

This is so you can straight copy + paste it into your project or even explore each of them better and prevent misimplementing them.

That's it. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

keep developing and until the next time!~


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