Weekly Update #2 - Exploring the Game World with the InteractiveArea2D recipe

Hey! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿท

On Friday I finished proofreading the InteractiveArea2D recipe and it is already up at the attached file(Platformer Essentials Cookbook - Early Access v0.3.0).

This is one of the coolest recipes in this book and is the core of future recipes.

With InteractiveArea2Ds we can turn any object in the game world into an actual game object. Something that makes part of the game and isn't just an aesthetic choice.

What about turning that rock in front of a house into a part of a mystery that players can solve? Just drag an instance of the InteractiveArea2D to it, connect the interacted signal and tell your story! More ideas? What about that:

  • NPCs that when interacted with, show dialogue boxes
  • Treasure chests that when interacted with, drop loot
  • Warning signs that when interacted with, give hints to players
  • Loot on the floor that once interacted with, go to the player's inventory or display a message telling a story.
  • House doors that once interacted with teleport the player inside the house? Ohh, no...wait this is the upcoming recipe, the Portal2D!

Coming this week

I'm about to finish proofreading the Portal2D chapter, which will allow us to connect the places and locations of our game world!

Wrapping up

With that, we are almost finishing the proofreading phase:

ProofreadYet to proofread
โœ” BasicMovingCharacter2D โœ– Portal2D
โœ” PassThroughCharacter2Dโœ– Checkpoint2D
โœ” MovingPlatform2Dโœ– Switch2D
โœ” PathFollowPlatform2D
โœ” Hazard2D
โœ” BumpingEnemy2D
โœ” Stomping/StompableObject2D
โœ” PathFollowEnemy2D
โœ” InteractiveArea2D

That's it! Thank you so much for your support

Keep developing, and until the next week!~


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