Bard's Lesson is a platform game in which you help a bard fox in his journey to become a maestro by mastering music notation. Rowan, the fox, plays a piccolo and want to learn how to play it through the whistles of the birbs of the florest.

Core Mechanics

To complete each level you must find and match every note of the staff using the time measure to deduce how many are yet to be found, birds sometimes are hidden, so you'll have to match'em all!


To play the piccolo you can use Z, X and C for different pitches.


This project is currently, and will mostly be, under development, the version 1.0.0 is a part of the #1GAM challenge, so it was made in less then one month!

As an open source project by Pigdev Studio,  if you are a game developer you can make a contribution to the project! Remember, the assets are also free to use as is the code, so you can fork the game and make your own version, you can even sell it if you want.

But you don't need to be an expert game developer to make this project grow better and improve the game experience. Here are some ways you can contribute to this project:

And remember, we from Pigdev Studio are making games and tutorials on Patreon, consider support our next game through patronage <3 check out the awesome rewards we offer to our amazing patrons!

Also, check out Staircase Studios responsible for the background music! Thank you guys <3

That's it, keep developing and until the next time! 


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Development log


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WOW its feels so well polished, awesome job! and makes really fun

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Heyo! Thank you so much for the feedback. Also, the game is not finished yet! We are planning a bunch of features to implement. You can see what's coming next in the official roadmap. I can't look forward to implement the play along feature in particular. This game is a part of a one game a month challenge, so currently it lacks the most awesome features we planned. But follow still, the best is yet to come .


I love the artstyle! It's soooo cute ^-^

Thank you! If you like vector art I made a very basic intro on how I did the fox. It is also available to download and use freely at this repo <3