It's Alive!

It is with lots of love we proudly announce, our first step into the journey of #1GAM is done. It's been a lot of work, but thankfully to the help of the community, especially of Godot Engine we made it.

This release contains all the features we was able to implement focusing on the game concept and theme: a bard in his journey to learn music:

  • Music staff as condition for level completion
  • Notes duration and pitch
  • Player matching (or missing) Birbs' notes 

That's the report guys, check out the roadmap to know what will come next when the project has sufficient funds to be updated!


Bard's Lesson - Web 5 MB
Version 1 Mar 05, 2018
Bard's Lesson - Linux 12 MB
Version 1 Mar 05, 2018
Bard's Lesson - Windows 12 MB
Version 1 Mar 05, 2018

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