Juan's Saga is a tribute game for Juan Linietsky, major developer and one of the founders of Godot Engine. The game started as an entry for Jim Jam, themed as Inspiration. So after the first iteration of the game, it started to speak by itself, it wasn't just a cool platformer game with flat design aesthetics, it was a game about

The life of a open source project developer

So it began, the game turned itself an interpretation about how an open source project starts, the first bugs, the first contributors, and what happens when the project starts to grow big.

Your job as a player is to wear the developer's shoes, and go for this saga, the saga of the development of amazing tools the:

Juan's Saga



Controls can be reconfigured in game! Controller supported

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This project is currently in development, the version 1.0.0 is a part of the #1GAM challenge, so it was made in less then one month!

As an open source project by Pigdev Studio,  if you are a game developer you can make a contribution to the project! Remember, the assets are also free to use as is the code, so you can fork the game and make your own version, you can even sell it if you want.

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Development log


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Rally cool. Played all the levels. It looks really pretty. 

Sometimes Juan would jump vertically without being able to move him to the sides. It was the only bug I found. Not sure when it happened exactly, though.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yee, unfortunately this is a known bug, we couldn't track what causes it, but we are really digging into our base code to fix it, as soon as possible we will fix and emit a patch updating the game. So if you happen to be playing the game through app you will receive the update automatically soon :3

I hope you enjoyed the game <3

What is an alpaca anyway?


This is so cute. Great work. :D

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Thank you! A pinch of cuteness in the hardness of development flow doesn't hurt, right? :P


Beatiful.  Nice  work. Love the art and the simple idea of the game.

I use Unity for my games but im consider start using Godot.


Hey, thank you for the feedback! <3

I'm very suspicious to talk about Unity, BUT when you decide if you will go for Godot, get in touch it will be a massive pleasure to help <3

Thank you

Pigdev made a deal with the G.Devil ....
So, if he converts 100 Souls from Unity to Godot he will get his sense of humor back.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hahaha. Great. This summer ill be one of that souls.


Love it!

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3