Game is born!

Hey guys! Sorry about about the absence, last weekend I was participating in #JimJam! A game jam by Tim Ruswick from Gamedev Underground. The theme of the game jam was 


And it didn't take a second thought for me to use this opportunity as a tribute for one of the peeps that inspires me the most when talking about game development, Juan Linietsky.

So in less than 14h of development the game was ready to be played, you can check it out at the official game page on

The game is about you as Juan's avatar, an Alpaca, in his journey to develop new features for the game engine while handling bugs and running against the launching date of the next release!

Currently this entry has only less than 14h of work, but I'm working on the game as it will be the next Month 5th's game.

Play it, enjoy it and give some feedback <3

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Duuuuuuuude thats so fucking awesome!
i want to buy a boat!