Feature Freeze and What's coming next!

First Major Release!

Ok so, after less than a month of development, Juan's Saga reaches its first major release, Juan Saga 1.0.0. This is a milestone for Pigdev Studio, and soon you guys will understand why, but let's talk about the game!


Juan's Saga is a game about developing a piece of software, not the logical technical part, but an abstraction of the whole process, from coding to debugging and committing  a release in time. Game features 3 core concepts:

  1. You have to code your software on a PC
  2. You have to commit your code
  3. While within the release time

And this while fixing and preventing bugs on your software while dealing with your growing community of contributors. It's a saga about an open source software's story.

The Experiment

I talked about Juan's Saga being a milestone for Pigdev Studio, and it is indeed. The game is an experimentation of some core concepts for our business model:

  • Build a scalable prototype (Juan's Saga started as a 48h game jam game)
  • Use, implement and iterate upon a base code (we used Pigdev's Cutout Animation Character, Platform Characters and Fighting Character modules from Pigdev's code library)
  • Feedback code base for further projects, increasing productivity

The Business Model

Since Pigdev's mission is to build free (as in freedom) content, open sourcing our games, making our licenses as free as possible, making our assets and other content available, etc... We thought about making our business a service in the entertainment branch of the market. So, the idea is to build games every month (we are on a 4 games streak!) and after complete a library with enough games we will start to upgrade them, cherrypicking features and creating new mechanics, aesthetics, and other assets for everyone to tweak with.

What's Coming Next

Juan's Saga is the first game actually made applying the core concepts of this model (reusing code base and focusing on content). But we will keep feeding games to our library, for example May's 5th we will publish another one, and we will keep this until we feel confident enough to cherrypick one game to push forward its roadmap. Meanwhile, you can help us develop this free contents!

We will make some bundles with byproducts of our work and sell them here on itch, you can go to the projects' repos to report bugs, proposing features and maybe even helping us maintain them.

You can also become an awesome sponsor of our work at Patreon! We chose amazing rewards for those joining  in our journey to create a freer creativity market.

That's it, have fun and until the next time!


Source Code 3 MB
Version 1.0.0 May 02, 2018
Sound Track 1 MB
Version 1.0.0 May 02, 2018
Juan's Saga - Linux 16 MB
Version 1.0.0 Apr 30, 2018
Juan's Saga - Windows 16 MB
Version 1.0.0 Apr 30, 2018

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