⚠Demo Issues⚠

Currently the HTML demo doesn't work properly with gamepads/joysticks, this is due to browser issues, some browsers work better than other, some gamepads work better than others, but none work properly. There are numerous issues reported to Godot Engine repository already.

You can download the standalone demos to test it, they are working as they should as you can see down below.


Hey, hello!

Welcome to the Level 1 Controller Kit!

This is an asset pack for Godot Engine users that aims to solve common problems regarding the handling of player's inputs. The idea is that this kit offers a high level abstraction of a gamepad/controller by providing the following set of Nodes:

  • ActionNotifier signalizes if a given Action was pressed, released or is pressed by the player, with an workaround for Godot #30888. Also adds easy support for multiplayer, check out video on how they work
  • HoldNotifier, an ActionNotifier specialized in detecting if a given action was held
  • AxisNotifier specialized in handling and signalizing joysticks' axis, works similarly as the ActionNotifier. It provides the axis summed direction, the strength of the axis and other relevant parameters
  • Control a container for the above classes that provides an easy way to turn on/off player's controls and quickly setup multiplayer controls.
  • MouseSpotter Node2D specialized in handling and signalizing Mouse events. This is the class I used the most in Moon Cheeser


You can test them using the HTML demo and have a glance of the versatility of these Nodes.

Ohh Pig, but how can I use this in my project?

- Confused, You

Fear nothing! There are instructions you need in the Download & Install Instructions page explaining how to install it and use it in your projects. This page shows when the download starts.

Don't forget that if you are my patron (become one here), you already have access to everything here without paying any extra cent! Use the patrons exclusive link below and claim your very own Controller Kit:

Link for patrons access

That's it, enjoy the kit and use it with no moderation at all. Thank you so much, keep developing and until the next time!


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Controller Kit Pack 1.7 MB
Version 1.0.0
Controller Kit Demo - Linux 15 MB
Version 1.2.0
Controller Kit Demo - Windows 13 MB
Version 1.2.0
Controller Kit Demo - Mac 15 MB
Version 1.2.0

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