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This game was made in under 48h from design to publishing. Bugs are expected, please report them in the comments session.
Also, due to Godot's export issues, the game works way better on Firefox. A buggy audio is a known issue on Chromium based browsers.

Concept 🌅

This is a game inspired by a friend's idea to play a guessing game about when the sun would set.

It was a pretty Sunday at a lake, so...besides the water isn't waving it was supposed to be a lake, not mountains.


In Sunset you play as Helios the Sun god. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a guessed time when you are supposed to sunset. You MUST ensure that the sunset happens as close as possible, otherwise, your accuracy will drop and decrease your score.


  • The sun naturally sets at a given speed all the time
  • After the guessed sunset time, you don't earn any points anymore
  • You can tap(click or press spacebar on PC/MAC) to increase the sun height and delay its natural sunset time
  • You can hold to make the sun set faster
  • Your score is based on the actions you performed before the sunset
  • The accuracy of the sunset time drastically affects your final score


TapQuick Screen TouchLeft Mouse Button Click/Spacebar
HoldLong Screen TouchHold Left Mouse Button/Spacebar

Coming soon

Currently, the game doesn't have a leaderboard with scores nor a level curve. As soon as I have time I'll work on those and some way to use coins or stuff like this to purchase cosmetics so you can decorate the sky and make the game more aesthetically pleasing.

That's it, thanks for playing! Enjoy~

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TagsCasual, Cute, flat-shading, Godot, one-button, SVG


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Really solid idea and execution! Love it


se bugea el sonido de los puntos sonando muy rápido y acumulandose

Me gusto mucho el juego esta entretenido


Love the aesthetics!