A downloadable game for Windows

Shock Wave Arena is a local multiplayer competitive game where players try to conquest anthenas that will emit signals dangerous to the other player.

The game needs 2 joysticks to be played. Have fun <3

Eduardo Zolhof - Background Music and Main Theme
Henrique "Presunto" Campos - Game Design and Code
Philippe "Boquetira" Lepletier - Character Arts and Animation
Rebeca "Kaleva" Araújo - VFX and Graphical Implementation
Raul "SUPER VELOCIRAPTOR" - Sound Effects
Suâmi "Tira Maldito" Abdalla - Enriroment Art, Level Design and UX


ShockWave Arena - Windows 0.1.0.exe 19 MB

Install instructions

Just execute it, but be sure to have:

  1. A friend to play
  2. 2 joysticks with at least 1 bidimensional axis for movement and 1 button to interact
  3. Patience, it is a prototype

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