Level 1 Juicing Kit

Your games feel dull? JUICE'M UP, BABY!

Juicing is what turns a nice game into an exciting experience. They are non-mechanical features that are used with the specific intention of making your game sweeter. They are shots of dopamine that make players go "wow".

See how even the simplest game becomes way nicer with juiceness:

With Juiceness :0
Without Juiceness :(

Yes, is the same game, very sad :|

This asset pack aims to help you, a Godot Engine user, to easily bump up your game's feel by providing ready to use juiceness. It currently provides you:

  • PopLabel to pop text on the player's screen, very cool
  • TransitionOverlay and TransitionTexture with 6 different variations a la classic JRPGs, very nice.
  • DamageOverlay and DamageModulate to make your player aware that they took damage (VERY IMPORTANT)!
  • ShakingCamera with joystick vibration to communicate game impact to the player, very, very sweet.

You can test each one of those using the HTML playable demo above.

Ohh Pig, but how can I use this in my project?

- Confused, You

Fear nothing my beloved costumer, there is a video in the Download & Install Instructions page that shows when you download this asset pack here on itch.io explaining how to install it and use it in your projects.

Don't forget that if you are my patron (become one here), you already have access to everything here without paying any extra cent! Use the patrons exclusive link below and claim your very own Juicing Kit:

Link for patrons access

That's it, enjoy the kit and use it with no moderation at all. Thank you so much, keep developing and until the next time!

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GenreAction, Platformer
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Effects, flat-shading, godot-engine, Open Source, Side Scroller, sourcecode, vfx
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InputsKeyboard, Mouse
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This is just amazing !!! wish it was for unity :X


This is AWESOME!


Opportunity missed to call it The Juice Box.


Dang! 🤦‍♂️
Missed opportunity indeed :(