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Rally cool. Played all the levels. It looks really pretty. 

Sometimes Juan would jump vertically without being able to move him to the sides. It was the only bug I found. Not sure when it happened exactly, though.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yee, unfortunately this is a known bug, we couldn't track what causes it, but we are really digging into our base code to fix it, as soon as possible we will fix and emit a patch updating the game. So if you happen to be playing the game through app you will receive the update automatically soon :3

I hope you enjoyed the game <3

What is an alpaca anyway?


This is so cute. Great work. :D

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Thank you! A pinch of cuteness in the hardness of development flow doesn't hurt, right? :P


Beatiful.  Nice  work. Love the art and the simple idea of the game.

I use Unity for my games but im consider start using Godot.


Hey, thank you for the feedback! <3

I'm very suspicious to talk about Unity, BUT when you decide if you will go for Godot, get in touch it will be a massive pleasure to help <3

Thank you

Pigdev made a deal with the G.Devil ....
So, if he converts 100 Souls from Unity to Godot he will get his sense of humor back.

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Hahaha. Great. This summer ill be one of that souls.


Love it!

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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3