Welcome to the Level 1 Audio Kit, an asset pack that aims to provide a series of audio solutions in Godot Engine. It includes:

  • MusicFader, an AudioStreamPlayer with the ability of making fadeout/in transitions when given an AudioStreamSample
  • Audio Kit Layout an Audio Bus Layout with seven custom Audio Buses with preset effects to start playing with
  • AudioLibrary a Node designed to be a container for AudioStreamPlayers, you can pass the NodePath and it will play it, otherwise it will randomly pick one. You can check an early implementation of this in the Audio Library video
  • VolumeRange an extension of the Range, which means it can be added to Vertical/Horizontal Sliders and other Range children classes, it allows you to define an Audio Bus and linearly set its volume using this widget, good for options menus!


Ohh Pig, but how can I use this in my project?

- Confused, You

Fear nothing! You can join us at the Pigdev Discord Server and ask literally anything about the asset and how to use it.

Don't forget that if you are my patron (become one here), you already have access to everything here without paying any extra cent! Use the patrons exclusive link below and claim your very own Audio Kit:

Link for patrons access

That's it, enjoy the kit and use it with no moderation at all. Thank you so much, keep developing and until the next time!


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Audio Kit Source 607 kB
Version 1.0.0


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Your demo does not work for me. I hear music, but I see nothing but a purple screen. Also, why did you not call your Discord server "The Pig Sty"? That practically writes itself. Haha. Anyway, I am not sure, since this is an audio library, if there's even SUPPOSED to be anything more than a purple screen. I mean, even if the music loops forever, you've demonstrated that your product works. Shrug.




This is amazing!


Nice! Glad you liked it 😁