UNTHRUSTY is an entry for Ludum Dare #39 themed as "Running out of Power".

This release contains the core features of the game:

  1. Core mechanics
    1.1 Engine failing
    1.2 Tapping
    1.3 Holding
    1.4 Skins system
    1.5 Win and Lose conditions
  2. Graphics and Audio assets
  3. Main game loop

Enjoy it!


The main mechanic of the game is to keep the thrust always on full power by reinitializing it every time it starts to fail, if it fails you have to reignite the engine by tapping spacebar a random number of times. You can keep the thrust on the max speed by holding spacebar when the thrust is working normally (when it is green). When the engine starts to fail (yellow) you can release spacebar and tap it again to make it work normally and reignite it with normal performance.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsPigdev, marytez, Henrique Campos
Made withGodot
TagsCasual, godot-engine, Ludum Dare 39
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksSource code