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Hello there!

So, quick and straight to the point, I am temporarily locking any sales to the project until I reach a point that provides the value I want this product to provide to Godot Engine game developers. But you can still follow the project through its GitHub repository (although acquiring it through itch.io offers you way more content).

I am currently working with @GDQuest on his current project, which includes among many other things, the development of a 2D Metroidvania, a sub genre of platform games.

That means that during this project I will develop many skills and will learn a lot about platform games and game development in general, which I will convert into applied knowledge to this template, picking up good practices, good and scalable solutions among a lot more skills.

You can check out the attachment to see what I have so far! If you acquire it through it you can already test a early prototype of what I want to have as final product. 

I am also preventing new purchases to prevent misleading sales, so only those who already bought it can have access to its current iteration.

So, the project is currently paused, and is planned to get back as soon as we finish the basis of GDQuest's 2D Metroidvania project. That's it, keep developing and until the next time!


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Mar 11, 2019

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