Actor Revamp & Minor Features

Hey there!

Since the start of the month there've been lots of improvements in the Platform Template. See, the project received a lot of issues reports, and that's totally awesome this is how I know what you want from this template and how I can help you achieve the game you dream about.

The major and more urgent tasks were aiming for the Platform Actor so I made some milestones and all of them were achieved already!

So what was in these milestones, you might be asking yourself now, right? So let's start a small log

Platform Actor Hotfixes(Revamp)

  • Exposed a lot of logic constants to the inspector (SLOPE_STOP_SPEED, FALL_THRESHOLD, etc...)
  • Each state now contain all the properties in itself, instead of having everything in the Platform Actor
  • Every state now has access to the previous state that transitioned to it (eases state transitions)
  • Every state the Platform Actor could be at now is way cleaner to read and understand
  • Platform Actor methods (jump, wall_slide, dash, walk...) now just handles transitions instead of also handling the logic, all the logic was moved to the states themselves
  • Added some configuration variables to the Platform Actor in order to make it more flexible, e.g. you can decide through a bool exposed in the inspector if the character can perform a dash or can wall_slide
  • The Platform Actor is not a plugin anymore, this will prevent some bugs that may happen with the revamp on Godot's plugins approach, also setup the ground for the new way to add scenes as nodes

Physics Hotfixes(Revamp)

  • Moved all physics related passive transitions to the states they are meant to transition from, i.e. the actor itself just move, every condition is now self contained into each state
  • Moved velocity calculation to each state, e.g. wall applies a actor.GRAVITY / wall.friction to the actor.velocity.y the actor just apply move_and_slide based on the resulting velocity calculated by each state
  • Fixed actor being able to jump multiple times when coming from a wall
  • Fixed actor getting stuck in the wall after dashing to it

Juiceness(New Features! \o/)

  • Add PopLabel, good to use for score, damage and other visual feedbacks
  • Implement ShakeCamera and RigShakeCamera
    • ShakeCamera is meant to have its position controlled directly from inside a hierarchy (Actor, Level, Screen's hierarchy, etc...)
    • RigShakeCamera is a RemoteTransform meant to control a Camera2D that is outside the Actor hierarchy
  • CoyoteFall, a timer on the walk state that, when turned on, will give a threshold time to consider the player fell, e.g. when walking from a cliff and not touching the floor anymore, the Actor will have a small time to be able to do a normal jump (double jump, dash, etc...) as if it was still on the walk state

Well, that's it everyone. Thanks for you support! <3

Keep developing and until the next time!

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This is AWESOME!!!!!