Studying references with Inkscape Measure Tool

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So if you are a game designer you probably find yourself looking for references for your game mechanics, right? Something I learned is that we can get better by copycatting what we already know that works. So let's talk about how to use some Inkscape Measure Tools to study our references.

During a gamedev livestreaming I implemented a DASH mechanic in the Platformer Character Asset and I faced a weird behavior related to how I was handling slopes. I then decided to pick my reference game to see if this weirdness happens there as well.

My Reference

For the first iteration of the Platformer Character I'm trying to replicate Megaman X mechanics. So I decided to just grab my controller and play it for a while analyze how the character behaves in slopes.

The problem then was that I found quite strange that there were two angles for the slopes there, and both seemed too different from the angle of the assets I was using to test the mechanics. I know that the angle Kenney uses for his slopes is 45º (π/4) which is the value I'm using for the floor_max_angle in the character's physics. So I decided to investigate it.

Inkscape Measure Tool

After took three screenshots I imported them in Inkscape to measure the slopes angles and compare them to Kenney's.

Inkscape Measure Tool is awesome for 2 main reasons:

  1. It shows angle, and length in any unit, in this case pixels
  2. I can then turn the measures into some vectors and compare them

Comparing this to Kenney's slopes I figured out that... yeah, theirs are way more inclined than I thought. 

By default Godot's floor_max_angle is 45º, so by default my character won't be able to climb them, but I just changed the default value to 46º, which means the character is able to climb. But now I'm thinking that it can actually be something desirable to not let character's walk on 45º slopes, but I'm not sure.

So, What do you think about it? This leads to more design questions, like:

Will the character consider 45º as a wall now?
How The wall jump and wall slide will handle this?
Should we check for the wall normal instead and enable only unitary vectors be considered walls?

I want to know from you guys! What should be the take on this? This raises some questions that can impact many decisions later on, especially for users of Kenney assets as me...but for now, that's it.

Keep developing and until the next time!

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