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Hi, pre-ordered the plateform-template it seems promising!  Not my intention to rush you, but do you have any idea about the ETA? Thanks! :D

Hey! Thanks for the support!

Unfortunately there is no ETA by now. The project is slowly growing both in features and solidity. It currently depends on the Godot 3.1 release due to changes in the KinematicBody2D that will demand changes in the base structure of the project.

But I'm always updating everyone with the current state sending early access versions through emails. In the last update it was already able to do small platform projects. May I invite you to our discord channel, so I can send you the latest early version?


Okay, thanks for your answer and  your invitation. I currently have too little time besides work so maybe I'll come to the discord channel on sunday. :D Anyway thanks again for your hard work!

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Does this support slopes?

Can you show a demo with slopes?

0.6.1 - Fixed Platform Actor bouncing when coming from a slope to a floor

Edit: Seems it does support slopes. Cool!

Edit: Bought it. Hope it will be cool.

Thank you!

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Hey thanks so much for the support,

I'll also wait a little until the new KinematicBody2D, currently in Master on GitHub, becom stable to fix some character movement.

Meanwhile I'll work on other features, specially for level design (ice floor, etc...).

Hopefully the current version(actually on alpha) helps you achieve your goals already! <3


Just what I've been looking for!