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Moon Cheeser

Moon Cheeser is an infinite runner where a mouse chases a moon made of cheese. · By Pigdev, Henrique Campos


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Refactoring on the Core Loop! Better Code Coming Soon!
Hello there! Since the past week I've been working on porting Moon Cheeser to Godot 3.1, besides some deprecated signals and some other minor compatibility brea...
Port to Godot 3.1
Hey there! Since Godot 3.1 is on alpha stage already I'll start porting Moon Cheeser to its updated version! Moon Cheeser was my first game published (and finis...
Thank you <3 First of all I'd like to thank you everyone for the feedback, it's being a pleasure to follow your suggestions and create new design solutions for...
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Animations & Particles
Animations Well, I'm not an animator by my self so... I wasn't able to do complex animations in Moon Cheeser. During to my lack of animation skills I tried to s...
Achievements & Skins!
Acheesements One of the pillars of Moon Cheeser is the achievement system . During to the nature of the game being action based and an infinity runner, which do...
Core mechanics: Done
Which mechanics? Well my friend, finally Moon Cheeser core mechanics are implemented. Since the game is now action based, instead of idling for stuff to happen...
Implementing Core Events
The Events Moon Cheeser's game play is composed of five major events: Jumping Avoiding comets Ride stars Drag the star on the screen Gravitational battle Apart...
First Iteration of GUI
Godot's GUI Godot Engine provides a built-in GUI system which can automatically rearrange , resize and rescale Control Nodes by using Container Nodes . We can...

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