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Kitchen Tales

A platformer game about a cook and his journey to master the world's cuisines · By Pigdev, Henrique Campos


Recent updates

🎮Local Multiplayer Support in Godot Engine🎮
Hello there, this is a quick video on how I approach the local multiplayer support in Kitchen Tales using Godot Engine. 🌟Star the Kitchen Tales project on Gi...
Add Attack to States
Hey there, following the previous devlog , I added the ability to attack from each state. I'm just not sure about the implementation, so if you could, please...
2 files — v0.2.0, v0.6.0
Kitchen Tales' Finite State Machine Design
Hello there, I made a video explaining how was the process I passed through for the design and architecture of Kitchen Tales' Finite State Machine implementatio...
Combat System 0.5.1 - The Design Behind the Combos 👊👊👊
Hello there! I recorded a video explaining all the process behind the decisions I took to design and implement the Combat System! Follow me! 🐷👨👩👧...
Combat Prototype 0.5.0 - Combos, HitLag and Design Epiphany
Alright...I started working on a feature update, to add a combo counter and a hit lag to the game. But in the mean time I had an epiphany about the classes I wa...
1 file — 0.5.0
Combat Prototype v0.4.0 - Attack, Defense and Weaknesses
Hello there! The Combat Prototype v.0.4.0 turns out to be way bigger than planned, what was meant to be just a feature update, implementing the ability to chara...
1 file — 0.4.0
Hadouken! - Combat Prototype v0.3.0: Special Moves
Hello there! In the latest update I've implemented a system that I'm quite proud about: Special Moves . The idea is that the player will be able to cast special...
1 file — 0.3.0
Combat Prototype 0.2.0 - Damage & Health
Hello there This week's devlog is 1 day delayed due to me being sick, in any case I managed to make a small improvement in the Combat Prototype by adding automa...
1 file — 0.2.0


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