A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game about how the ancient egyptician technology helped the loomynarties (23Δ) to create Hollywood.

According to my theories, based on History Channel articles and facts (we all know they only show us the truth with their series), Hollywood was designed by ancient egyptians during a war against #aliens!!

How long will you still be controlled? Nothing is a coin see the sea. Open your ayys!

The commands are simple :
Up: move foward
Down: nothing
Left: turns left
Right: turns right
Spacebar: shoots

Every action spends energy, the loomyship (the spaceship) is powered by shootingstars energy, so collect shooting stars to increase the energy.
Nothing more than survive and shoot, make some score and stuff. Enjoy!


Hollywood_is_Loomy.exe 20 MB
hollywoodisloomynarty-mac.zip 21 MB